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sewing studio evaeva

welcome to atelier evaeva I work with carefully curated up-cycled materials to make new, useful and beautiful everyday items. I can also work on assignment and do repairs. feel free to contact me ! here is the landing page for the webshop in the making – www.pomrae.com *******      

Current/upcoming theaterprojects 2020

*** The new children’s performance ‘Wereldtje’, made by Simone de Jong en performed by myself, has it’s first try out on november 30th! in the Pop-up Theater van Deyssel. I’m looking forward to it, it looks like a lovely initiative Pop-up Theater van Deyssel *** In October 2020 the performance Reverse will be playing again…

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Photo Gallery

2018 – foto Marjolein Roeleveld *** 2020 – Wereldtje – foto Moon Saris *** 2017  – From the performance ‘Face to Face’ – foto Robert van der Ree    2016 – From the performance ‘Someone or other’ – fotos Bart Grietens    2016 – From the performance ‘An obscure but true piece of trivia’ –…

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Past Work

A timeline of events. *** On October 8th 2019 I will be giving a class together with Renate Schepen at De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam. Topic : Identity. We will also be refering to our previous research perfomance in Tubbingen, September 2018. *** As of October 2019 I will again be participating in the program…

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Short bio – Eva Kijlstra (1984): I started practicing Hatha yoga with my mother when I was 14. At 21 I discovered Ashtanga yoga and in 2007 completed an intensive teacher training in Auckland, New Zealand (certification YA200). In 2013 I completed the Mime School here in Amsterdam. The yoga practice has funcitoned as a…

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