eva kijlstra

Current/upcoming projects 2018/19

*** Blaas is performing again ! This time at the Adelaide Festival in Australia.  March 2nd – 10th 2019. *** In September 2018, together with Renate Schepen and baby Aike, we presented a research at the International Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Tubingen ‘Reason and Embodiment – An Intercultural Philosophical persective (An African approach)’…

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Photo Gallery

foto – Marjolein Roeleveld *** 2017  – From the performance ‘Face to Face’    2016 – From the performance ‘Someone or other’ – fotos Bart Grietens    2016 – From the performance ‘An obscure but true piece of trivia’ – fotos Bart Grietens 2015 – From the performance ‘Een Zomerdag’ – foto Lex de Meester…

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Past Work

A timeline of events. *** In maart 2017 begonnen repetities met Liliane Brakema aan de voorstelling Face to Face. We zijn goed onderweg. Een mooi team en een spannend uitgangspunt. Deze voorstelling is vanaf mei 2017 te zien in diverse theaters in Nederland en Belgie. Speellijst hier Flyer Face to Face recensie NRC : Liefde en…

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Yoga .

—–> I currently teach a (closed) weekly class at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten I discovered yoga through a small book I found when I was 10.  On every page were photographs of a young Indian woman doing yoga poses on a beach in a bikini in the 1960’s whilst always looking into the camera….

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www.doordacht.net – Renate Schepen, The Netherlands  http://thismight.tumblr.com/ – Rebecca May, Australia  http://thatmay.tumblr.com/ – Rebecca May, Australia  http://www.jasminhasler.com/nl/home/ – Jasmin Hasler, Netherlands http://www.sjoerdleijten.nl/ – Sjoerd Leijten, Netherlands http://www.maaikeheefteenwebsite.nl/ – Maaike Haneveld, Netherlands              


april 2014 stoom is het mooiste, dat is vuur  ***  een hele ouderwetse manier van expansie. je maakt een ketel water heet en er komt druk op . dan doe je iets met dat druk . we have stopped for a while.  i was busy with other things and you were busy slowly becoming smaller….

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Performance Events

The ‘Weerzin’ is a collection of people that are busy with creating performance events. We work with the collective ‘Schijnheilig’ – www.schijnheilig.org – to make these events possible.  These events happen in and around the VondelBunker ————————————————— This Saturday 24th May – Weerzin evening – in the VondelBunker Performances from :: Marijn Bussaard, Manuele Tessi,…

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Performances I have made myself

    Solo ‘Keep yourself Nice’   play list : Playtime Festival, HetVeem Theater, Amsterdam – May 2013 London Calling festival, Amsterdam – May 2013 Performance Event @ the Vrankrijk, Amsterdam – May 2013 Performance Event @ Delicatessen, Amsterdam – April 2013 Amsterdamse Hogeschool vd Kunsten – February 2013   Duet ‘the fundamental fuckup of…

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