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Current/upcoming projects 2019/20

Corona times

All my currents work has been cancelled but happily enough I have been able to start a small sewing studio in a lovely, light attic space.

see the ‘atelier moen√© marie‘ page for more info. I will be making all things out of reclaimed materials. Childrens clothes, adult clothes, bags, pillows covers, masks.. you name it.


On October 8th I will be giving a class together with Renate Schepen at De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam. Topic : Identity.

We will also be refering to our previous research perfomance in Tubbingen, September 2018.


As of October 2019 I will again be participating in the program Jong Beginnen, a collaboration between the Laaktheater, Stichting MOOI and Festival 2 Turven Hoog. A beautiful program dedicated to bringing work from various artistic fields into peuterspeelzalen (preschools).


2019 – I just had the honor of joining Johannes Bellinkx and the rest of the team at the Norfolk&Norwich festival with his project ‘Reverse’.

I will be joining them again in Copenhagen at the end of June


Blaas is performing again ! This time at the Adelaide Festival in Australia.  March 2nd Р10th 2019.



eva • September 30, 2018

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