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welcome to atelier pomrae.

I work with carefully curated up-cycled materials to make new, useful and beautiful everyday items. currently a lot of facemasks.

I can also work on assignment and do repairs. feel free to contact me !


Here is more information about the facemasks I have been making;

There are two kinds, with pleats and without. They can be delivered with elastic or with ribbon but it is possible to replace/change these yourself.

All of the masks are made from re-claimed fabrics; off-cuts, mens shirts, klederdracht, beautiful bedlinnen, skirts. Anything that catches my eye.

To order or see recent fabric collection mail me – evamail(at)gmx.com – or visit Kijlstra Eva on facebook.

The price is €10 each and, with an order of 2 or more, free postage.




:: here above is a selection of the current fabrics ::

Some important information :

– they are made of cotton and it is recommended to wash them at 60degrees.  If you only use it once a week (or with several days between use) it is not necessary to wash them.

– nothing is guaranteed to protect us 100% from any virius. These masks are a homemade effort to reduce the spreading of particularly the covid-19 virus.

– it is possible, and recommended to insert a selfmade filter into the mask. you can make ik by cutting a square out of a coffee filter or a piece of kitchen towel. For pictures and further explaination go to www.maakjemondmasker.be

– if the mask has become damp during use, it is no longer effective

To order a mask send me an email at evamail@gmx.com




eva • November 2, 2020

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