eva kijlstra



Hello and welcome.

Here is information about the regular yoga classes at the Eerste bloemdwarsstraat 3hs. Thursdays from 8am or 9.30am –  let me know if you’re coming via evamail@gmx.com or 0612484301

There are three blue doors, it’s the one on the very left.

Please be welcome. It is an ashtanga class, no longer strictly adhering to the primary series but very closely related.  Suitable for all levels.

** There are no classes during school/public holidays** (26th December)

  • Cost is €10 per class and payment can be made with either cash or a bank transfer (tikkie)
  • There is a bathroom/changing space available, as well as tea and water
  • The 8am class will take 1hour 10mins . The 9.30am class is 5 minutes longer
  • It’s advisable to come a little earlier so you have time to arrive; get changed, use the bathroom, drink some water etc
  • It’s best to wear clothes you can move in (but too loose fitting can also get in the way)
  • The sequence we will do is more or less set so after a while you will become familier with it. It then becomes easier to focus more deeply on the poses instead of using all your concentration trying to follow what’s coming next.  You can see it as a moving meditiation
  • I will give the classes in english although I do also speak dutch so any further explaination can be done in dutch
  • class material yoga – a short and fast video of (apporx.) what we’ll be doing in class
  • sun salutation A, modifyed version

Short bio – Eva Kijlstra (1984): I started practicing Hatha yoga with my mother when I was 14. At 21 I discovered Ashtanga yoga and in 2007 completed an intensive teacher training in Auckland, New Zealand (certification YA200).
In 2013 I completed the Mime School here in Amsterdam. The yoga practice has funcitoned as a great support for both study and working. It functions as a ‘reset’, giving my mind and body a strong centre point to return to.